Wednesday, May 7, 2008

moving out and moving on!

what havoc!
finals week. moving out of my apartment.
knitting knitting knitting...
i've been so busy that i haven't even had time to post any patterns! i've been working on perfecting a shmesh shmopping bag... or mesh shopping bag. i want to call it shmesh armstrong. a stretchy meshy shopping bag. anyway.. i've been perfecting it. i have to re-write up the pattern and kate and i will knit up doups to make sure the pattern is a keeper and then i'll post it.

and in the meantime i've been splitting my time between
>sewing pillow-case skirts
>working on ignoring a time-consuming mosaic ball jar cozy and
>improvising a domino-knit Growler Koozy. (oooh! i'm so excited about this one!)

[all pictures to come as soon as i get my act together, move out of my apartment & find somewhere else to live for the last three weeks of the month, and get my computer working compatibly with my camera.]