Sunday, April 4, 2010

good news and good weather.

i'm not very good at this whole "blogging" thing, am i?
considering i have such extended absences
i can't expect anyone to be reading this crap but me,
a few months from now, when i rediscover it again.

just as i have this time!
and with glad tidings, too.

(for some reason my pictures aren't uploading,
otherwise i would have had interspersed images of my newest projects,
but, assuming you are even here reading this blog,
you will just have to visit my shop:

no, the glad tidings are not that it is 80 degrees and sunny
the first weekend of april (a record-setting event in many circumstances,
though, i have to admit, a bit concerning for those of us
who are of the environmental studies persuasion)...

the good news is that i have figured out how to graduate next december,
AND i won't even have a full semester
(busting out at the seems like this one)
as i had previously thought.

and the class i was banking on isn't even being offered in the fall.
in fact. it's not being offered during the school year at all.

it is being offered over the summer.

and although i will be missing the first week of a four-week course
due to the geology club's two week field trip to Nova Scotia,
it will be worth the catch-up stress just to make space in my fall semester.

in addition to that breathing room,
my required ecosystems ecology class will also count as an upper-level Bio class,
so i don't have to take micro biology. not that i don't want to take micro...
it's just that with Seminar and all, i want to be able to focus all of my attention in one place.

also, this means that i only have two required classes for fall semester,
but i need three in order to be registered as a full-time student...


now i can fill in the gaps with some de-stress creative processing classes.
ie : photography or printmaking.

wowee!! i am starting to actually look forward to next semester!

as for now, i will stick to my countdown to diana's wedding
(four weeks)
and to the geology club's 2-week Nova Scotia trip...
(five weeks)