Friday, October 31, 2008

fairest of the seasons


so i stayed up all night finishing lorne's dinosaur costume. i heard it was a hit at the party.
went to bed at two in the morning and i have to get up at seven in order to get to class at eight.
after laboratory i have to pack, pick up a boxspring for my bed and drive five hours to scranton, pennsylvania for my grandfather's funeral.
he finally passed away on monday morning after some ten-odd years of being told he could die any day because his altzehimers/parkinson's/dimentia was getting so bad.

fastforward past the part where i whine about missing halloween.

the funeral was O.K.
i'm not much into funerals - they're really not as interesting as harold & maude would have you think. it's all a bunch of "it doesn't look like him" or "he was never that skinny" or "wait, you're my cousin nancy!? i would have never recognized you!"
i'm also a little weirded out by my grandmother's fear of being burried underground. she bought them a space in the clarks summett mausoleum. it was interesting.

a lot of cold gray marble...
i don't know what my grandmother is going to do, now.

Friday, October 24, 2008

le gland du chĂȘne

le gland du chĂȘne

more commonly known as, an ACORN!

long acorn (on left) 2.5x3.5 inches
stout acorn (on right) 2.5x3 inches

yarn: brown sheep lamb's pride worsted
bronze patina (light brown)
chocolate souffle (dark brown)

needle: US size 8
i used a circular needle, but dp would work as well.
anything written between *asterisks* should be repeated throughout the row.

other necessities: tapestry needle, poly fiber fill

simple abbreviations:
k1fb - knit one stitch front/back.
k2tog - decrease by knitting two stitches together.
p2tog- decrease by purling two stitches together.

also, don't worry about knits and purls matching up on the acorn cap- they end up being kind of random but are mostly just there for varied texture!

0: with lighter brown, cast on 3 st.
1,2: work two rows of i-cord
3: *k1fb* to end (6st)

redistribute stitches on needle(s)

4: *k1fb, k1* to end (9st)
5: knit all stitches
6: *k1fb, k2* to end (12st)
7: *k1fb, k3* to end (15st)
8: knit all stitches
9: *k1fb, k4* to end (18st)
10 - 15 : knit all stitches (for a longer acorn, knit 2 or 3 extra rows of stockinette)

break yarn, switch colors to darker brown.

16: k1fb all stitches (36st)
17: *k1fb, p1* to end (54 st)
18: *p1, k1* to end
19: *k1, p1* to end
20: *p2tog, k2tog* to end (27 st)
21: *k2tog, p1* to end (18st)
22: *p1, k1* to end
23: *k2tog, p2tog* to end (9st)

at this point, fill acorn with polyfiberfill.

24: p2tog, k2tog, p1, k2tog, p2tog (5st)

move all stitches onto one needle

25-27: work 3 rows i-cord with 5st.
pull yarn through remaining st.
weave in ends.