Sunday, April 13, 2008

good going..

finally i have my blog set up and ready to go & what a fitting occasion to kick it off -
not only is tonight going to be a sweet potluck on wilder street(!), but last night my roommate [the namesake of my blog subtitle] had some huge party while i was celebrating my belated birthday with family in Lincolin Mass... loud music issued from the attic, lots of people came, so did the cops, underage drinkers were numerous & ticketed, said roommate was fined and has to go to court, said roommate let his friends go through my stuff and use my things and when i came home early in the morning there were two strange, underage girls sleeping in my bed. where i wanted to be sleeping. needless to say they were more flustered than i was, waking up to the pissed off owner of their comfortable cocoon.

But anyway. i digress... this is where i'm going to post my little knitting anecdotes, patterns and thoughts thereof.

starting.... now:

Kate is really into Moomins and showed me her complete comics of book tonight.... she decided that she's going to get a knitting moomins tattoo, and i decided that we were going to make ourselves masks like the moomins wear while they're will be posted promptly when the moomin masks are finished.

i was originally thinking that my first shared pattern would be my [w.i.p.] eurypterid but i don't think it will be finished anytime soon since i've only gotten as far as the arms and that is the hard part, so i've decided that my first pattern will be the Oblio hat that i made in october.

okay that's enough babbling for tonight.

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Xaphania said...

I love moomins, please post the pics!