Wednesday, November 10, 2010


playing catch-up for all the time i've wasted not blogging; here are a few list-prose-poems i've written.... some of them follow a sort of haiku-esque "full circle," while others just trail on in no particular direction.

(a recent one)
talk talk talk, listen, snow falling on leaves, bird whistle, thistle, briar patch, match, flame, name, you me and everyone we know, to love someone without ever letting go, treason, reason, season, barometer.

(some older ones from last fall &/or spring)
tentacles, dry leaves, hot toddies, leather shoes, horsetail skies, blue jeans, green eyes, southern migration.

isinglass, isinglass, topiary, cornucopia, reflective instrumentation, mistletoe, isotope, jumping rope, love note, cadaver.

andiron, darning needles, poetry notebook, warm slippers, unexpected gifts, handknit sweaters, spinning wheels, horse-drawn cart, rutabaga, kale, brussel sprouts, a farm in montana shared with friends and the sunrise.

breath, warm breeze, crashing waves, feet sunk into sand, holding hands, soft kisses, sense of place, longing, belonging, knowing truth, knowing love, knowing you.

(the following was in collaboration with matt&matt)
laundry, eggs, alabaster roof, good guy robots, rotary phone, chromosomes, megaphone, thunder drome, cyclops, miette, john cleese, rheumatoid arthritis, insulin, pump, rump, generic compliment, how are you? i'm fine thank you, goodbye.

(the following was in collaboration with one of many kates)
lemon curd, tiny bird, silver spoon, paper moon, darning egg, prosthetic leg, nancy drew, yarn & glue, paperback writer, engrossed in [apple]cider, glass onion, paul bunyon, "the day the knitted umbilical cord was attached."

(and a secret note from a matt, which spans the page of some lists that were typed together on my Remington:

my dearest Eva,



With Love,

Your Mothee

your ink ri bon is running an e ously ow Ms. BinghamLOL@@@@@@

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