Thursday, June 12, 2008

where oh where has lima bean?

lima bean.

(another archaic pattern on which i wanted to work on slip placement so that the bean would be more bent over to one side...)

co 3 stitches
k1fb three times (6)
k around
k1fb six times (12)
k around
*k1fb, k2, k1fb* three times (18)
k around
k1 k1fb k2 k1fb k 8 k1fb k2 k1fb k1 (22)
k around
k1 k1fb k3 k1fb k10 k1fb k3 k1fb k1 (26)
k around
k1 k1fb k4 k1fb k12 k1fb k4 k1fb k1 (30)
k1 s1pw k26 s1pw k1
k1 sipw k1 s1pw k22 s1pw k1 s1pw k1
k3 s1pw k22 s1pw k3

k around (30st.) iiiiii i iii*
*(i think that means knit ten rows)

k1 s1kw k1 s1kw k22 s1kw k1 s1kw k1
k1 s1pw k1 s1pw k22 s1pw k1 s1kp k1
k3 s1kw k22 s1kw k3
k1 ssk k4 ssk k12 k2tog k4 k2tog k1 (26)
k around
k1 ssk k3 ssk k10 k2tog k3 k2tog k1 (22)
k around
k1 ssk k2 ssk k8 k2tog k2 k2tog k1 (18)
k around
ssk k2 ssk , ssk k2 k2tog, k2tog k2 k2tog (12)
k around
k2tog around. (6)
draw string through remaining stitches
hide ends


Laurel said...

I now must make one of those! So cute, and we called our daughter Lima Bean in utero because we didn't know the sex.

asher Sydenham said...

hello sweetie.
i love the limabean good idea
i have a blog too add me we should link up
i am loving the ravlry it has inspired me to hand knit again