Monday, June 2, 2008

Yummy Watermelon Slice

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Deliciously simple and much less sticky than its edible counterpart!

here it is, although i can't promise i remember all of the statistics:

i think i used size five needles and i definitely used a sock-weight yarn
although my friend asher across seas knit it using her own gauge and made an equally fun slice.

approximate colors you will need:
*brite pink
*dark hunter green
*pale green

here it is in all its amateur glory just as i typed it up the day i cut the...
watermelon slice:

cast on 40st. (dark green)
stockinette st. 10 rows. bind off.

front and back:
cast on 40st. (dark green)
knit one row / change color
purl one row medium green / change color
knit one row light green / change color
purl one row pink
in pink, repeat next two lines until you have 2st. (end on purl):
>k1, ssk, k to 3 from end, k2tog, k1
pull through remaining two st.
(make two)

cast on 10st. dark green
knit one row dark green/ change color
purl one row medium green/ change color
knit one row light green/ change color
work 37 rows stock. st. in pink. bind off.
(make two)

sew using mattress st.
leave top slit open to stuff.
or leave top and one small side open to make seeds (unless you thought of this before sewing it up!)

just ask! - i haven't really gone over it again since i made it but since asher made it and didn't have any problems or cross cultural knitting abbreviation confusions i assumed it was OK!

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