Wednesday, July 16, 2008

and then there were...

been very busy with camp and camp related stuff.
getting kind of bored with this gig already. only ...25 more days.
which actually, when you put it that way,
it sounds much longer than i wished it to be.

assembled my spinning wheel a few weeks ago
but the amount that i've been able to spin every day
has been tapering.

started & finished a lot of projects since i've been here -
finished coachela.
made dug's DNA strand.
made liz's womb.
worked on some other small projects here and there.

i had a sudden bout of excitement in my life at the
end of last weekend when one of my rats,
dahl, died suddenly of an unusual
illness. bloating? i don't know.
they didn't know.
it was sad. he had a good life, though.

pictures of the wheel will follow.
also i hope to get up a pattern for my sausage links.
which really shouldn't be so hard.
i also can't wait to see how other people's watermelon slices come out -
currently four of them in the works.

did you know that there was an animated The Little Prince series?
i didn't. but now i own it.
it's actually quite terrible from what i've seen
as of yet... but how can you not love it?!

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