Wednesday, November 5, 2008

spinning my way to the moon

the summer in review!

i haven't been able to focus at all on schoolwork, so i figured it was time for a pictoral review of missing links as pictures from summer are LONG overdue!

first off, here are some of the first yarns that i spun! the blue i did on my drop spindle, which took forever, but was fun! the green i did on kate's luett spinning wheel and used it for my hat, foliage [ravelry link].

after these small adventures in spinning, i couldn't resist more! the fiber fever hit hard, so
kate and i got some roving and decided to DYE!

it was so messy but so worth it. we used RIT dyes, which might have been a mistake for first-time dying of this sort, but we managed through it anyway. besides, we were doing it at her boyfriends house, so it wasn't like it was our counters we were ruining, right? just kidding. but
i did do my share of bleaching countertops afterwards, anyway!

so, now that i had this beautiful purple and blue wool, what was i going to do with it? i was leaving to work at camp all summer and would not be around to use kate's spinning wheel. oh my god! i was freaking out! i can't go all summer without being able to spin this gorgeous roving! it was nagging at me, pulling at all of my nerves. there was nothing i could do. i waited as long as i could for my first paycheck from the summer but chloe was behind on paperwork so finally i just broke down and borrowed the money from my parents and bought


it was so amazing i didn't know what do do with myself. i sanded it and stained it and assembled it in the back of Grube library, the only unoccupied dry space in camp, as it was a horribly rainy week and i couldn't do it outside.
then i spent my summer spinning this absolutely gorgeous and soft corridale yarn that we now affectionately refer to as Purple Rain. i started it as soon as my wheel was assembled during the first session of boys camp, and finished it the week that girls first session ended, just before i left camp and came back home to spend time with kate and william before they left for school. the problem is, i don't know what to knit with it!!

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