Wednesday, November 5, 2008

very vegan sausage links

very vegan sausage links, or
sharla's sausages.

these were originally made as a joke for sharla, christmas 2006, because she does not eat meat.
i thought they were funny so i made more. i wanted to make a scarf, but didn't think it would be very practical!

yarn: pattons? tweed. some type of acrylic. color: raw meat red!!!!
contrasting yarn: i used pink, black, or another red would work as well.
needle size: US size 5
tapestry needle

thoughts: i found a tweedy red yarn that made me think of all the little bits of weirdness that you find in sausages. i also made another set of links using a red and white yarn that reminded me of ground beef with a lot of fat content in it. however, solid reds and red/browns would look fine too.
i used a pink sock yarn for the faces.


co 3 st.
knit one inch in i-chord
row 1: kfb all stitches (6 st.- transfer onto three needles if using dp)
row 2: k all st.
row 3, 4: repeat rows 1&2 (12 st.)
row 5: *k1fb, k1* to end (18 st.)
knit 20 rows stockinette.

this would be a good time to add a funny face to your sausage if you would like, using a contrasting yarn and a tapestry needle.

stuff sausage with polyfiberfill or stuffing of your choice.

row 26: *k1, k2tog* to end of row (12 st.)
row 27: knit all st.
row 28&29: *k2tog* to end (6 st. at end of row 28, 3 st. at end of row 29)
i-chord 3 rows and begin new sausage.

repeat as many times as you like.

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